Fasolakia ladera katepsigmena (Frozen green beans with olive oil)

frozen oiled fasolakia
1 packet of frozen green beans 500 grams
4 ripe tomatoes
1 onion cut into slices
1 clove of garlic
1 scant tablespoon tomato paste (if you want redder)
  salt-pepper-pinch of sugar
  1/2 cup olive oil

  Place in colander beans and rinse well to leave the water from freezing. Put the oil in a saucepan with the onion and garlic to work a little with a wooden spoon to wither. Add the green beans and frozen after the un \ wash with lukewarm water. Mix in a few minutes, add the crushed tomatoes by hand, and tablespoon of tomato paste diluted in 1 cup water (if we could put plain water paste). Add the salt, pepper and sugar, if necessary so as to be hidden beans. Cook over medium heat about 30 minutes and when we taste cooked remove the lid for a few minutes, fire the sauce thickens.
If the beans are fresh clean wash and cook in the same way. At time we put the ripe tomatoes and if we add any potatoes, also if you like and put five clones chopped parsley
Serve hot food with feta cheese. Enjoy your Fasolakia!

Frozen green beans with olive oil