Nutrition facts of canned green beans

canned green beans

First, you should know that canned green beans without added salt contains as many calories, dietary fiber and iron, as fresh green beans.

However, the nutrient ratios of canned green beans can vary depending on the type and quantity of vegetables, as well as other factors that may interfere with the modification of their nutrients. Remember that depending on the preparation of canned green beans, their properties and nutritional characteristics can vary.

You can use this information to know the contribution in your diet of this or other foods. This information can help you eat better by picking recipes with healthy and nutritious preserved green beans, however, information on this and other foods has been obtained from various sources and may not be completely accurate so you should consult your doctor or a nutritionist before starting any regimen or making drastic changes in your diet.

Among the foods of the category of the vegetables and vegetables that we have available between the foods in our store or habitual supermarket, is conserved green beans.

Proprieties of canned green beans

This food belongs to the group of canned vegetables.

Below you can see information about the nutritional characteristics, properties and benefits that canned green beans in your body, as well as the amount of each of its main nutrients.Canned green beans are among the low calorie foods as 100 g. of this stock contain only 15.10 kcal.

Among the nutritional properties of canned green beans, it is worth noting that it has the following nutrients: 1.30 mg. of iron, 1.19 g. of proteins, 34 mg. of calcium, 1.50 g. of fiber, 143 mg. of potassium, 1.40 mg. of iodine, 0.20 mg. of zinc, 1.63 g. of carbohydrate, 20 mg. of magnesium, 249 mg. of sodium, 33.30 ug. of vitamin A, 0.07 mg. of vitamin B1, 0.04 mg. of vitamin B2, 0.55 mg. of vitamin B3.

For its low calories, easting canned green beans is advisable to keep you in line. If you plan on a weight-loss diet, you can include canned green beans. Remember that before starting a diet, you should consult with a nutritionist or your doctor first. 

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