What is fasolakia?


Fasolakia (Φασολακια) is an extremely popular dish in Greece. Fasolakia (Greek word for green beans) are one of the simplest and tastiest meals you can make. In the summertime, which is when green beans are in season, you can find this at almost every taverna. Since most people travel to Greece during the summer months, you should have no problem finding this dish.

It can be served as a "one pot wonder" or added to the table as part of a more elaborate spread. It takes about half an hour cooking in 200 degrees. The ingredients are simple, you need half kilo of fresh green beans, some garlic, an onion graded, tomato past, olive oil, a tin of pealed tomatoes, salt and pepper.

This little wonder is relatively quick to make, but mostly easy and nourishing. Everybody will find it easy to be cooked. That says it all. Traditionally, this dish is made in the summer months where green beans are plentiful and tomatoes are at their peak. 

There are 2 methods for cooking the fasolakia, in one of them if you like them heavy you fry first the grated onion with the garlic and as soon they will be brownish you pore 1 litter of water, hold up until is bubbled and after that include the green beans, the pealed tomatoes , 2 spoonful of tomato, paste salt and pepper and cook for 30 minutes.

The other way is to boil first the water and add all the above ingredients together. Additionally you can add potatoes together with the green beans. Use the salt and pepper according to your personal taste. The green beans (Fasolakia Ladera) is mostly a summer food because is not heavy plus is a very healthy food.

Green bean is a vegetable commonly eaten as a main dish or garnish in many dishes, prized for its sweet taste and nutritional properties important. Green Beans allows preparing healthy and nourishing recipes that promotes good health and optimal physical condition.

However there is nothing stopping you enjoying fasolakia in the cooler months. Think of it as a hearty vegetarian braise. There are a lot of recipes in which fasolakia could be served. With olive oil, with tomato sauce or with potatoes, all of these recipes will be detailed on this website.

Here you can see a video example of a fasolakia recipe:

If you’re looking for a great tasting vegetarian dish or just wanting to add a healthy side to a favorite meal, give Fasolakia a try!